cbd and your hair

7 facts about cbd and your hair (plus bonus information)

did you know cbd and your hair may have been long-lost homies just waiting to come into contact with each other again? you’re probably already well aware that cbd is taking the world by storm, and it’s really no surprise once you look into the reasons why. i too have been overwhelmed at the sheer amount of claims, types of products, and overall infiltration of cbd into our culture at more than one point in the past. but that doesn’t change the fact that it can do wonders for your hair.

cbd can help your hair in a variety of ways including hair growth and overall health, as well as preventing both damage to your hair and hair loss itself. it is also good for your scalp and is even believed to have a regulating effect on your body’s sebum production.

below are several facts on how cbd can help your hair. i’ll bet there are at least a couple new things you can learn, so read on!

cbd comes from hemp, and hemp is good for your hair

cbd is one of 100-plus compounds found inside the hemp plant, a subspecies of cannabis. there is tremendous value in using and consuming hemp’s byproducts, whether through its seeds via hemp seed oil or hemp hearts, or from an extract of its budding flower such as cbd oil.

hemp is naturally rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that have proven to be helpful in many areas of our hair’s health as well as our general overall well-being. you may have seen hair products such as shampoos containing hemp in stores for many years now; hemp’s versatility is no secret, and over the last handful of years we’ve seen the laws on cannabis loosen allowing first for the experimental growth of agricultural hemp, followed by outright legalization of domestically-grown hemp when the 2018 us farm bill was signed into law.

hemp is different from its cousin “marijuana” due to one primary reason, its lack of thc. thc is the psychoactive substance that users associate with being “high”. unlike thc-rich “marijuana” (we hate that word by the way), hemp-derived cbd possesses no mind-altering characteristics. to be exact, cannabis is either classified as hemp or “marijuana” based on whether it has more or less than 0.3% thc. trace amounts of thc below that figure are considered minuscule enough to not change one’s state of mind. 

cbd is also completely safe to consume. it is nontoxic, well-tolerated even in high doses, and is not associated with abuse potential according to the world health organization. now that we’ve established some basics, let’s get into how this relates to cbd and your hair.

just because cbd is derived from hemp does not mean that hemp products and cbd products are the same. hemp-based products come from hemp seeds, which are extracted to make an oil. hemp seed oil is incredibly nutritious when consumed due to its high levels of protein, vitamin e, magnesium, and omega fatty acids. all of these acids and minerals are linked to healthy hair, meaning you can improve your hair’s health and strength even by consuming hemp seed oil orally.

you can also apply hemp seed oil directly to your scalp (as well as other parts of your body). it softens and nourishes skin and generally cooperates with sensitive skin types as well. there’s no denying hemp seed oil’s numerous benefits for your skin, but despite its versatility, there is zero cbd in hemp seed oil. if you are looking for cbd oil, you want to make sure it has been extracted from the budding flowers of the hemp plant.

as you’ll continue to learn throughout the rest of this article, cbd oil can provide numerous advantages to your overall hair health, just the same as hemp seed oil. but cbd goes beyond all of hemp’s benefits, displaying an even more-widespread effect on hair health and on how your body functions in general. 

cbd for hair growth

cbd can promote hair growth

cbd oil contains omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. these acids are crucial elements to our function as humans, and omega-3 acids may also boost hair growth and reduce hair loss, while all three omegas can increase hair strength and improve scalp circulation as well.

omegas also have the ability to lock in moisture and seal cuticles on hair. in addition to omegas, cbd oil also contains a compound known as “gla,” or gama linoleic acid. gla is known for promoting natural hair growth and could also increase blood circulation. though gla itself has not yet been proven to increase blood circulation, direct application of cbd to the scalp along with a massage can increase circulation and decrease toxins. 

scalp massages have been clinically proven to bring about increased hair thickness. thus, massaging cbd oil into your scalp can enable you to take advantage of the hair-stimulating properties of both cbd itself as well as the increased circulation from the massage. lastly, there is also the possibility that cbd can regulate your sebaceous glands, which are responsible for secreting an oil known as sebum to lubricate your hair. 

cbd can also help prevent hair loss

in addition to promoting hair growth, cbd oil can also help prevent hair loss through a number of ways. cbd has been shown to display anxiolytic and anti-swelling properties and can also affect sleep and stress levels, all of which can have links to hair loss. 

when you take cbd, it activates your endocannabinoid system’s (ecs) receptors, found all throughout your body to secrete your own endocannabinoids. your ecs is believed to play a major role in homeostasis throughout your body, and its activation can enable your body to carry out whatever regulatory functions are necessary to achieve homeostasis. this is why it is involved with so many processes that are related to hair loss in your body.

roughly one in three women in the u.s. will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. hair loss could be due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause, hereditary issues and health-related illnesses, or a number of stress-related problems. inflammatory issues can also lead to hair loss, which may be kept in check due to cbd’s anti-swelling properties. 

regarding stress, cbd is also able to regulate cortisol, more commonly known as the stress hormone. cortisol is secreted as your body’s response to stress, meaning the more stressed you feel, the more cortisol your body will make. there has been a direct link to cortisol resulting in hair falling out of one’s scalp, meaning cbd’s ability to regulate cortisol levels may help prevent hair loss.

cbd could also help by bringing about conditions in the body that promote sleep and an overall sense of calm. all this, along with cbd’s natural anxiolytic properties, can work to lower stress and put you in a state of mind that does not become the catalyst for your hair falling out.

sebum can also be linked to hair loss. when your body produces too much sebum, your hair can first appear greasy, and will ultimately begin to cause damage and inflammation to your scalp and hair. this can happen from hormonal or environmental stimuli and can lead to hair loss if left untreated. the ecs plays a key role in the regulation of sebum production, and taking cbd to help regulate your ecs can in turn regulate the amount of sebum your body secretes.

cbd for healthy hair

cbd oil can strengthen and protect hair

cbd naturally contains all21 amino acids necessary to strengthen hair and reduce dryness. this is especially helpful for our everyday lives given the amount of environmental threats we face like pollution, uv radiation, dust, and even chemicals from hair products that aren’t all-natural.

every strand of our hair is made up of protein, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein, working in this case to strengthen and solidify all of the hairs atop your head. amino acids are also an essential aspect of homeostasis, of which our ecs plays a prominent role. 

because the ecs is also involved in all homeostatic properties, ingesting cbd (as opposed to putting it on your scalp or elsewhere on your head) can also work to strengthen your hair. that may seem counterintuitive, but cbd will actually only activate your ecs if ingested. this means that topical cbd usage will not activate your whole body’s ecs; however, cbd can still work very effectively to local areas on which it is topically applied even if it does not enter your bloodstream.

sebum is involved in this aspect of hair health, too. it is present on every hair strand to individually protect it from environmental aspects such as oxidative damage. when your body produces healthy levels of sebum, your hair will look and feel healthy and moisturized. it also plays a role in a healthy scalp, serving as a natural barrier to protect against bacteria and other potentially harmful microbes

cbd is excellent for your overall scalp health

cbd also contains antioxidants such as vitamins a, c, and e that moisturize and can help protect your hair from free radicals in the environment. furthermore, its ability to exhibit anti-swelling properties can help in the treatment of skin-related issues on the scalp such as eczema or psoriasis. 

hair loss and an unhealthy scalp are often correlated to one another, and oftentimes it can come from toxins on the scalp and/or inflamed cells. other less-extreme symptoms that may occur in that same realm include general irritation, dandruff, and flaking skin. the moisturizing properties of vitamins c and e may help with these conditions while taking cbd, and long-term daily cbd usage can work towards attaining a more holistic, homeostatic solution. 

additionally, cbd displays antimicrobial properties, meaning it can help stop the growth of harmful microorganisms. it can help reduce the risk of scalp infections, doing so by cleansing chemical deposits from one’s environment. this can also work towards strengthening roots and protecting the hair from environmental threats like those discussed earlier.

cbd shampoo

cbd oil is better on its own than in shampoo

cbd shampoos may help your hair by adding nutrients directly to your scalp that moisturize and strengthen your hair strands. shampoos may show some benefit, but cbd oil can have a more extensive range of attainable benefits when ingested than applied topically, even regarding external areas of concern.

we have already learned that cbd can be helpful when applied directly to the scalp for a variety of reasons. with that being said, we’ve also learned that doing so has limitations since cbd cannot enter the bloodstream and engage with our ecs. this means you will miss out on the homeostatic properties that work to facilitate proper internal conditions for healthy hair along the way.

plus, how much cbd is actually in that shampoo you’re using, and how long is it staying on your head to really be absorbed? most cbd shampoos will make no claim to the amount of cbd actually within their products, and those that do would likely mention the total amount of cbd inside the whole bottle of shampoo. think of how much you’re actually using in a given setting and do the math: you probably aren’t really receiving any significant amount of cbd.

even if a shampoo does break down their cbd contents for you, that still may not be enough. if a company doesn’t have a website with third-party lab results to confirm, then their claims cannot be trusted and it would behoove your wallet, and potentially your overall health, to explore other possible options. 

at the end of the day, cbd is a compound. chemistry isn’t this writer’s forte, but it is fat-soluble and can bind to a wide range of solutions. there is nothing special about the cbd that is infused into everyday products other than their ridiculous price tags. there’s no way around it: these types of products are expensive and aim to take advantage of a trend rather than provide you with high quality cbd. why would you want to use cbd in a manner where you are going to wash it off a few seconds later, anyways? 

if you’ve made it this far in this article, congratulations first of all. you’re probably wondering what your next steps are in using cbd for hair health, growth, etc. the best option is always going to be an organic, broad spectrum hemp extract cbd oil, which contains the entire range of cannabinoids and terpenes found within hemp flower in order to maximize cbd’s effects. it is different from “full spectrum” however, as trace amounts of thc have been removed in order to ensure the product is 100% legal without compromising its quality or efficacy.

to parse further through the ocean of cbd products, look for sublingual drops as taking cbd sublingually, or under your tongue (https://zadaka.com/blogs/deeper-dives/cbd-under-your-tongue) allows for rapid absorption through mucous membranes straight into your bloodstream. it also ensures that a higher percentage of cbd will make its way into your bloodstream than when taken orally via swallowing any form of cbd such as gummies, chocolates, capsules, or even the same tincture you could take sublingually.


hair, cbd, and your endocannabinoid system

when cbd is absorbed into your bloodstream, it activates your ecs by exciting receptors that signal for your body to create its own endocannabinoids known as anandamide and 2-ag. these endocannabinoids then circulate throughout your blood and bind to your cb1 and cb2 receptors wherever necessary.

of our two cannabinoid receptors, cb1 receptors have been proven to have a relationship with hair growth. more specifically, cb1 agonists may help to manage unwanted hair growth, while cb1 antagonists may counteract hair loss. this makes sense when considering how we understand the regulatory role of the ecs within our bodies.

ultimately, the prospects of more future research on the topic invites opportunities for an even better understanding of how our ecs factors into every aspect of our being. as hemp is legal in all 50 states and cannabis as a whole continues to trend in that same direction, we look forward to more studies being done simply due to the fact that people will be able to conduct them. until then, we hope to have provided you all you would like to know about how cbd is related to your hair. what are your thoughts on the matter? have you found hair benefits from cbd? we’d love to hear from you!

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