about us

zadaka is...

derived from the hebrew word “tzedakah” which directly translates to righteousness, but is more commonly understood as the necessary giving back that we are all required to do as fellow humans. we aim to give back while spreading the ancient message that mother nature has your back. so, we decided to spread the cbd love the way we’ve always wanted — with transparency, affordable access, and social responsibility. our promise to you is that every zadaka product will always be formulated, produced, and delivered with the closest attention to detail.

selfcare shouldn’t break the bank

zadaka is a passion project and a labor of love. we do this because we fundamentally believe that cannabis can change the world. every wave has a ripple effect and positive energy is infectious. with that in mind, we're committed to affordable access and a fair pricing model. everyone deserves access to the highest quality cbd products without breaking the bank. this is our modus operandi and that which drives us to spread the cbd love to you.

farm to doorstep

not all hemp is the same. that's why we've worked tirelessly to find a broad  spectrum hemp extract supplier who shares our values and commitment to quality. after much time and effort, we've partnered with small hemp farms in southern oregon who take pride in their sustainable, organic practices. the hemp flower extract that's extracted from their medicinal hemp genetics is rich with cannabinoids and natural terpenes. we buy this in bulk directly from our farmer partners and then take this raw hemp extract and bottle it alongside the best organic herbal ingredients we can find. finally, we ship directly to your doorstep from our website so that we can pass the savings on to you without sacrificing on quality. that's where the idea of 'organic cbd, no bullshit' comes from.

eden reforestation

it's our duty as citizens of the earth to work together to find ways to help offset the ecological footprint that we create as humans. we take this very seriously as a company because we believe that business is one of the most influential vessels of cultural change and we desire to use zadaka to do good not only by the people, but also the planet. in order to do so, we've partnered with eden reforestation. eden is an impressive organization that helps us plant trees in deforested areas around the globe for every single product sold. learn more about eden and get involved here: https://edenprojects.org/

you buy, we give, everyone wins

we know purchasing cbd isn't cheap and it's extremely important to us that everyone has access to real plant medicine. if you or someone you love can't afford to buy our cbd products, please contact us directly. we stand firm in our belief that taking care of each other is a basic requirement to human existence. (it's where our name comes from). we offer a lifetime discount program for veterans and those with chronic health issues who may need financial assistance. apply for our assistance program here:https://zadaka.com/assistance-program/

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