cbd oil for joint pain

cbd oil for joint pain: how long does it take to work?

if you’re reading this page, you’re probably experiencing joint pain and looking towards cannabidiol (cbd) as a possible solution. joint pain and arthritis run in the family over here, and we’ve seen cbd be effective on a first-hand basis. but when you’re in pain right now, you may want to know a more direct question: how long does it take for cbd oil to work for joint pain?

how long it takes to feel the effects of cbd for joint pain depends on a range of variables. the good news is, many of these factors also happen to be in your control! these include:

  • method of administration
  • frequency of use
  • quality, potency, and dosage
  • individual body chemistry

  • not all cbd is created equal: there are a lot of different types of cbd products and many products are different from the next in terms of quality, potency, and synergies. it is important to know not only what you’re buying, but to also have a plan to go along with it. 

    what is the best way to use cbd for joint pain?

    cbd has been shown to exhibit both powerful pain-relieving and potentially anti-inflammatory properties. this can make it effective for alleviating symptoms of joint pain, but it’s also important you know how to best use cbd in order to achieve its full potential. consuming cbd via tincture, edible, topical, or other means will all yield different results. 

    the most efficient way for the human body to consume cbd is sublingually via the mucous membrane that exists under the tongue. therefore, sublingual administration of a tincture will always be more effective than oral administration, as everything you swallow must go through the gastrointestinal tract where more degradation will occur.

    it’s also critical when taking cbd for joint pain to do so on a daily basis. according to echo, consistent cbd use facilitates both the natural balancing properties of cbd itself as well as the effectiveness of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ecs). the more your body becomes familiar with cbd, the more your ecs will respond to it, and the ecs is responsible for regulating a large number of processes within our bodies regarding physiological and cognitive processes, the immune system, and pain sensation. 


    are cbd topicals effective?

    topical products are another great way to use cbd for managing joint pain. topicals can be absorbed through the skin, though doing so is often limited to its local area of application. it also may take longer to absorb cbd topically, but will have lasting effects which is why they are an effective option for managing pain in a specific area. 

    however, the best way to utilize cbd topical products is in conjunction with regular/daily cbd oil usage. as we learned earlier in this article, the pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties that cbd brings to the table are best employed when used every day. using cbd in this manner will allow your body to potentially combat the pain on a more regular basis, effectively attacking the root of the issue rather than just addressing the symptom. 

    even though topicals have been proven effective at reducing the pain and swelling of joints, using them along with another means of regular, general application will be even more effective. furthermore, there are still more factors that come into play when discussing how fast cbd takes to work with regards to joint pain (and the human body entirely). 

    what else is important when it comes to cbd and joint pain?

    we’ve mentioned that all cbd products available to the consumer are not on a level playing field. three more of the biggest factors that can play a role in how effectively your body is able to use cbd for joint pain or any other issues are quality, potency, dosage. let’s take a look at how each of them plays a role:

    • quality: always know where your cbd comes from. it should be from american-grown hemp that has been third-party lab tested from a company that is proud to display its results, free of contaminants and any other byproducts. cbd is a holistic form of medicine for your body, so why would you want it to be anything but pure? (it’s also probably good if it’s organic.)
    • potency: make sure to look at more than just the volume (or size) of a bottle of cbd in terms of milliliters. many bottles of cbd may be, say 30 milliliters (ml) (mct or olive oil link?), but you want to ask yourself how many milligrams (mg) of cbd are present within that 30ml bottle. the more concentrated the product is, the less of the carrier oil you will need to consume in order to get the same amount of cbd (which again, should be of the highest quality). 

    • dosage: most bottles of cbd tinctures come with a 1ml dropper, and the potency of your tincture will determine how many mg of cbd you’re receiving within that dropper (or fraction thereof). a bottle with 1,000mg cbd will deliver twice as much cbd per drop of oil as a bottle of the same size that only has 500mg cbd. cbd can be effective in different ways at small and large doses, but it is critical you understand how to work all of this out in order to ensure you’re consuming your desired dosage. 

    individual body chemistry also plays a critical role in cbd’s effectiveness on joint pain.  every single person’s individual body chemistry is unique; and thus cbd has a unique interaction with every person as a result. figuring out dosing is a personal journey that may require fine tuning over time as your relationship with cbd develops and you learn what works best for you.

    as with adding anything new into a life routine, it is best to start slow and work your way up. even if you do not reach a necessary dosage right away, you will still be benefitting from the effects of cbd’s interrelation to your ecs. this helps on a large scale, which is great since pain is only one of the processes that the ecs plays a role in regulating.


    what else can i do to help with joint pain?

    health is looked at on a spectrum. no single aspect of health is isolated from another, and cbd should always be looked at as a supplemental contributor to one’s well-being, not a primary one. pain and inflammation are responses to the body being off homeostasis in some capacity. it is important to do your own research and further discuss the roles that your diet, lifestyle, activity, etc also may play, and what you may be able to change in order to reduce pain and increase your overall quality of living.

    other natural remedies should also be given some love, as mother nature provides in more ways than we can count. there are other herbs, roots, and oils such as clove, turmeric, and mint that also may help provide relief from joint pain and help increase circulation. these can be used in conjunction with cbd (ice ice baby link obv) or on their own. 

    with that being said, these ingredients and others may come in different forms, and just like cbd, it is important to conduct your own research and/or speak to professionals as to how these remedies may be of use. (for example, turmeric can be taken as a capsule, ground into a powder, or have its root juiced or cut up for cooking. each one may have its own use.)


    we know joint pain sucks. it can flat out shut you down and prevent you from living the life you deserve to bring to the world. cbd may be able to help, and we hope the information that has been discussed here will allow you to be armed with all you need to make the best decision you can when addressing the issue. 

    additional questions

    can you take too much cbd for joint pain? no, you technically cannot. cbd may display different effects at different dosage sizes, but it is completely safe to use any amount of cbd without overdosing. it is entirely nontoxic, and studies have shown doses of 600mg (and even up to 1,500 mg) of cbd have had no adverse effects, and it’s even safe to consume high doses taken daily.

    is joint pain the same as arthritis? if you’re researching joint pain, you might want to know if it is the same as arthritis. according to arthritis.org, arthritis is a loose, informal term to describe more than 100 conditions related to joint pain. symptoms of arthritis include more than just pain, with swelling, stiffness, and decreased range of motion also being prominent. 

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