giving your dog cbd every day

giving your dog cbd every day: is it safe?

they say cbd is good for dogs too, not just humans. and if you’re like me, you love your fur baby like your child. heck, if you’re like me, your fur baby is your child and you would do anything for them and their well-being. so if you’re looking into giving your dog cbd (and for the record, we do give our dogs and cats cbd over here), it makes sense that some of the first questions you’d want to know the answer to are: can i give my dog cbd every day, and is it safe? 

cbd is completely safe to give your dog every day. furthermore, depending on the reason that you are giving your dog cbd oil, regular administration may help regulate their endocannabinoid system, further enabling all of cbd’s homeostatic properties to go along with it. 

cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as cbd is a holistic remedy that works on dogs much the same as humans. the ultimate difference between dogs and humans (we’re going to assume if you’re reading this you’re human) is that you have the ability to communicate, whereas a dog does not. therefore, it’s critical you make sure you’re in the know on the basics with regards to daily cbd use, or cbd use period when it comes to your pup.


dogs and cbd oil: the basics

as with humans, cbd works on dogs because they have an endocannabinoid system (ecs). all vertebrates have an ecs (which is remarkable if you think about it), and we know with humans that the ecs has a high concentration of receptors within the brain, central- and peripheral nervous systems, and immune system. it plays a role in pain sensation, inflammation, motor function, and so much more, and is also responsible for helping your body maintain homeostasis throughout all systems. after all, our body is all interconnected.

this integral role results in cbd being incredibly dynamic in terms of its uses and benefits. many of these uses such as pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea, and inflammation are also showing to have the same benefit on dogs. the science behind cbd and the ecs is just getting started and thus still limited; and studies on cbd’s relationship to dogs is even further behind. as a result, there is not much medical proof behind this.

however, one study by cornell university in 2018 did conclude that cbd was effective at both reducing pain and increasing activity among arthritic dogs. there was another study done by colorado state university that finished in 2019 that showed promise for cbd’s effectiveness towards reducing epileptic seizures in dogs


should i give my dog cbd every day?

before we discuss this topic, let’s first clarify that we are not medical professionals of any sort, veterinary or otherwise. we cannot recommend for you to give your dog cbd at all, let alone every day. nonetheless, there’s still plenty for us to explore. 

firstly, you need to think about why you’d want to introduce cbd into your pup’s regimen. when it comes to humans, cbd is beneficial for completely healthy people as well, not just those experiencing some form of ailment or another. knowing this “why” will help you cue in on how your dog may be responding to cbd. again, dogs cannot communicate to let you know if they need less or more (or if they like it or don’t), which means you need to be aware of what to look out for to see how things are going. 

this can work in several ways. for example, a dog who is in pain may show increased energy or affect. on the other hand, an otherwise-healthy pooch who takes too much may be sleepier or a little more sluggish than usual (but don’t worry, cbd is nontoxic and you cannot harm your pet by giving them too much). so if you’re going to give your dog cbd every day, you’re also going to want to pay attention to them from day to day in order to see how they respond. 

like with humans, dosing is tough when it comes to figuring out the proper amount of cbd to give your dog. if you take cbd, you can compare your body weight to your dog’s in order to get an idea of how much less they may need. but also just like with humans, individual body chemistry is extremely variable and every dog will have a different relationship with cbd oil. the good thing is, mom/dad, you know your baby best. especially if you’ve made it this far, chances are you have enough of a connection with your pup to be aware of any positive or negative signs they exhibit towards cbd. 

you can also try splitting up your dog’s doses in order to attain a total daily consumption. giving your dog 2-3 smaller doses a day is another option that might be more effective due to the consistent presence of cbd in their body. lastly, your dog’s energy level and metabolism may have an effect on their optimal dosage. lower energy dogs such as smaller dogs or senior citizens may need less cbd for their desired effects than higher energy pups. 


do i buy cbd for dogs or humans: which is better?

as we mentioned earlier, it’s hard to figure out the optimal dosage size for a dog right away. both dog cbd and human cbd products are technically cbd, and thus can both be effective for your dog. the truth is, cbd products for pets are largely marketed as such because we will pay top dollar for products that will help our babies. for example, why is the same memory foam inside a bath mat at costco worth $12, while a dog bed costs $42?

much the same, many cbd oil tinctures for dogs contain a much less-concentrated formula and are often priced similarly or even more expensively than cbd tinctures marketed towards their human counterparts. sure, cbd dog treats are great as well, but even with those you can’t be certain as to the dosage inside a treat. inconsistencies may exist, plus some may have been lost in the baking/cooking process. 

the less-concentrated formula could actually work in both ways. the benefit to having it is that you can potentially get more precise in your dosing due to each drop from the bottle containing less cbd within it. however, the flip side to that is you have to give your dog more oil. these are small amounts, but an extra virgin olive oil or mct oil solution still may not be what your pup’s stomach loves. if this is the case, or if price matters, a more-concentrated cbd oil is going to be better.


do your homework before buying cbd for your dog

if you’re going to give your pup cbd for any reason, you should be certain that the product you’re giving your fur baby is what is advertised on the bottle. you wouldn’t want to consume a tincture that has lead, pesticides, or other harmful contaminants and toxins inside it, so the same should be true for your pet, right? 

these days, chances are there are a lot of cbd products out there in stores at your local pharmacy or pet store alike. one of the first problems with purchasing from a brick-and-mortar location is a lack of physical proof behind the efficacy of the product for sale. in fact, i’ve yet to see a bottle of cbd at a corner store or package of cbd dog treats come with an accompanying certificate to prove it has been third-party lab tested for purity and potency. 

what’s the solution, then? buy cbd online from a website that can show proof of its testing. regardless of whether your desired cbd product is made for dogs or humans, any truly reputable company not only can, but will advertise that their cbd oil is independently tested.  the paragraph below will go into detail on why this is especially important. 

cbd comes from hemp, which is the legal term for cannabis that has less than 0.3% thc. the 2018 us farm bill made american-grown hemp legal in all 50 states. so first of all, you’re technically breaking the law if you have cbd from imported hemp; and furthermore, cannabis undergoes a process called phytoremediation, which means it absorbs whatever is in the soil where it grows. much internationally-grown commercial hemp comes from china, where growers are not bound by the same stringency of growing methods and regulations. 

therefore, it’s best to buy organic cbd from hemp that is grown in the usa to ensure it has been grown through the cleanest possible standards. furthermore, you want to look for a broad spectrum tincture – a lot of companies out there are selling cbd isolate as the best possible product on the market, and they are wrong!

here’s why: while cbd isolate may technically be the purest form of cannabidiol (cbd) alone, that does not explain the whole picture. if you remember, we discussed the ecs earlier in this article. the ecs works in a holistic manner, and cbd is only one of at least 113 cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. having a cbd-rich tincture that still contains all the other components within the hemp flower will allow for more effective results. the term to describe this phenomenon is called the entourage effect.

by this point, you should have a lot more information at your disposal to understand the potential benefits of giving your dog cbd every day. one last note – make sure to stay away from amazon for purchasing cbd. amazon does not sell cbd per its terms and conditions, but people still sell “hemp seed oil” just the same as you could buy at the grocery store and claim it is cbd. this is bad for two reasons: you’re paying too much and you aren’t actually buying a product with cbd in it. 

again, stick to a reputable cbd company. we we wish both you and your pet(s) all the best. <3

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