same formula, just a lil' cuter

minis are here!

with great pleasure, zadaka would like to introduce minis into our line of tinctures. perfect to take everywhere, whether about your daily life or for (domestic) travel, our new minis give you a more convenient way to get the same cbd products you know and love in a new 333mg/10ml size.

we know the barrier to entry into the cbd world is complicated. there are a lot of products available and sometimes it’s hard to parse through the landscape and choose a real winner. cbd products are often pricey, which might further deter people from trying it in the first place.

cbd should be accessible for everybody, and our minis provide a level of entry into the realm of cbd and its benefits that is affordable for everybody. they’re also great on-the-go companions, saving space in your bag, backpack, or pocket. all five of our flavors, even the new and highly-acclaimed strawberry are available as minis.

it’s the same formula in every way, just at one-third of the size. and for your convenience, we’ve also created a mini tincture flight bundle that allows you to have access to every single one of our tinctures at an even further-reduced price. you can see which you like best,  relish in the opportunity to have your cbd oil in every room of the house, or if you’re like us, proudly display them as functional art in the kitchen.

have you been wanting to try a different cbd tincture lately? now you have a perfect excuse. enjoy!

new to cbd? we got you fam 🙏

our drops flight is the perfect way to try all 5 flavors and find the right zadaka blend(s) for you. plus, they're supes cute 💁‍♀️

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