slashing prices

we need to have a serious talk about the price of cbd.

in our opinion, cbd products are too expensive for the consumer, so we’re doing something about it and permanently slashing our prices.

as cannabis products become more commonplace in our culture, it has also become easier to acquire them (shop all link). this relates to more states legalizing recreational cannabis use, and it also relates to cbd products being available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores like gas stations or drugstores (don’t waste your time).

this led us to ask ourselves a question: if cbd is in abundant supply and becoming more accessible with each passing day, what is keeping the price of cbd so high across the industry? as for the answer, well, with good reason, the cbd industry is booming. people are willing to pay top dollar for high quality cbd, and because people are willing to pay high prices, companies have no incentive to lower their prices!

at zadaka, we fundamentally believe that self-care shouldn’t break the bank: everyone deserves access to the highest quality cbd products at affordable prices. remember, this is twofold - low prices are great, but not if you’re sacrificing quality. rest assured, our products are always made with organic, third-party lab tested cbd that is both pure and potent. we make cbd products we are proud to give to our mothers (and we do).

we hope you’ll join us in this mission to spread the cbd love across the globe <3

want to see more of what we’re talking about? head on over to our shop all page and find out for yourself.

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