strawberry feels forever

living is easy with eyes closed, but sometimes a little sweetness can be all we need to brighten up real life. introducing our new strawberry tincture.

zadaka is a small business and we are committed to our mission. this means we believe in going the extra mile with all of our practices, and sometimes that results in spending lots of time in the lab turning creative ideas into reality.

one such experiment especially stood out: we formulated a cbd tincture consisting of a wild strawberry essence and our mct oil base. nothing else. no fillers, no “natural” or artificial flavors. organic cbd, no bullshit.

everyone on the team was crazy about it, so we knew we had to share it with our friends and family. strawberry quickly became the fam favorite, and it just-as-quickly became clear that this formula was one that needed to be available to everybody.

this tincture is the perfect addition to our line of tinctures. it stands on its own as a deliciously sweet means of taking your cbd, and can also be put into smoothies or onto dessert. we’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of this product, and that time has finally come. we hope you love it as much as we do.

new to cbd? we got you fam 🙏

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