we're all about 'spreading' the good vibes

holy shit, do we have some (yes, even more..) big news to share. zadaka has spent the last year in an arduous process creating the perfect cbd topicals, and they’re finally ready.

we’re being serious when we say this has been a year-long journey through many tribulations, but we get out of life what we put into it. we experimented with dozens of ingredients and ratios across a wide range of mother nature’s finest aides to formulate three uniquely special and effective cbd topical products that your body will absolutely love.

  • ice ice baby: our cbd muscle rub works in conjunction with other natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory oils such as camphor, clove, and a mint medley.
  • keep calm balm: this cbd body butter was designed to relax you in every way. it is soft and gentle, smells great, and is made with other calming and adaptogenic herbs to melt any and all bad vibes away.
  • soothe operator: the jack of all cbd therapy creams, soothe operator’s benefits for the human condition are innumerable. it plays well with all skin types, and is gentle, moisturizing, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and so much more.

    every ingredient in our line of topicals comes directly from mother nature. there are a lot of cbd topical products out there that also make that claim, yet have some base of ingredients that are hard to pronounce. usually, hard-to-pronounce ingredients are that way for a reason.

    we stand behind every single ingredient in all of our products and have taken every step necessary to create a set of finished products that is all vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and with only clean ingredients: no phthalates, parabens, or other shit that has no business interacting with your body.

    it goes beyond that, though. our formulas were fine-tuned over and over again until we got the perfect ratios and consistencies, doing so in a way that made the ingredients the stars of the show. one such example is our use of manuka oil, not manuka honey, in our cbd therapy cream to keep the product 100% vegan.

    our topicals are available in two sizes, both of which are incredibly reasonably priced. try one today, or test all three out with our mini topical bundle. either way, we are using these daily and we are confident you will find enough reasons to do the same.

    we’re extremely proud of this product line and can’t wait for the world to soak in all of the good that comes alongside it. let us know what you think!

    new to cbd? we got you fam 🙏

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